Amjad Khan

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CEO : Amjad Khan "International Boxer".

Affiliated By:The Indian Professional Boxing Association (Hindi: भारतीय पेशेवर मुक्केबाजी संघ) is a national boxing governing body that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards national and subordinate championships. The IPBA is a member organization of the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Organization, the International Boxing Federation and the Pan Asian Boxing Association. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Amjad Khan stareted his boxing career in Kolkata, India in 2002 and has competed in many national and international boxing competitions and has been a champion always. Mr. Amjad Khan trained under Olympion, Arjun and Dronacharya Awardee, G Manoharan. Indian boxing chief coach. Mr. Amjad Khan has trained in Russia, Bangkok, Dubai, Canada, Ireland.

Mr Amjad also served in the Indian Army but could not keep himself away from boxing and kept on to train boxing, mostly training celebrities and training personally. Finally in 2014, he decided to open an academy where he could personally look over pupils who could do well, train under him.
Amjad Khan
Malviya Nagar New Delhi